Booker & Zinc Restaurant in Bridgewater, NJ - Breakfast Food | Booker & Zinc

Healthy breakfast

Good start, Oatmeal, cold cereal or house made granola with fresh berries or bananas, skim milk and choice of toast, bagel or muffin. Includes juice and coffee  15

Organic steel cut oatmeal, brown sugar, raisins, milk and fresh berries [440 cal.]  8

Seasonal fruit plate, sliced melon, pineapple, sliced banana, fresh berries, organic yogurt, warm breakfast bread [417 cal.] 15

Avocado toast mashed avocado, soft-boiled egg     12

Modern classics

All American, two eggs any style with crisp hash browns, choose bacon, ham steak, sausage or Canadian bacon and toast, bagel or muffin. Includes juice and coffee   18

Eggs benedict, two poached eggs*, English muffin, Canadian bacon, hollandaise sauce 14

Egg white frittata, smoked salmon, scallions, diced tomatoes, cream cheese [370 cal.] 14

Fast fare, scrambled eggs, diced ham, hash browns 12

Trenton egg sandwich, Taylor pork roll, egg, American cheese, brioche roll  10

Smoked salmon platter with tomatoes, red onion jam, capers, bagel and cream cheese   16

 The griddle

Blueberry pancakes, with local Jersey fresh blueberries  12

French toast, thick brioche bread, vanilla egg batter, with fresh raspberries and warm, maple syrup  14

Crunchy French toast, corn flake crusted multigrain bread, strawberries, bananas, lite syrup [495 cal.] 15

Waffles with local berries and maple syrup  12

 3-egg omelets

Classic ham and aged cheddar, hash browns 14

Egg white and avocado, tomato, basil, hash browns [285 cal.] 14

Margarita omelet, fresh tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella cheese              14

The Healthy, egg whites, spinach, tomato, local herbs, goat cheese [325 cal.] 14

Build your own, choose your cheese, three vegetables and if desired, a protein             16


Bacon, Canadian bacon or ham* 4.5

Sausage links* 4.5

Turkey sausage  4.5

New Jersey pork roll*  5

Hash browns 4.5

Side of seasonal berries 8

Side of two eggs any style 5.5

Yogurt and granola parfait, choice of berries [500 cal.] 8 Cereal choice of milk 6   Add fresh berries 8

Muffincranberry or blueberry  4

Toasted bagel, cream cheese  5

If you have any concerns regarding food allergies, please alert your server prior to ordering. Gluten free toast is available.

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfi sh or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illnesses.

We proudly serve cage free eggs.


Fresh orange or grapefruit juice  4

Apple, cranberry, pineapple, V8®, or tomato juice     4

Coffee – regular and decaffeinated   5

Hot Tea    5

Espresso    4

Double Espresso   6

Cappuccino or Latte    6

Milk, chocolate milk, hot chocolate    4

Soft Drinks – Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist Natural  4

Bottled Water – still or sparkling   4